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Solar Panels

Tier 1 Commercial Solar Panels for Home, Cabin or Property Applications

We aim to use only the best solar panels for your project because that is all we would use on our own! Tier 1 solar panels are built with higher standards (to last longer and produce abundant solar power) and have a highly regarded reputation within the solar industry for quality and service.

Solar Panels for RV, Travel Trailer, Skoolie and Van 


When considering these applications, we fully understand that every project is different and in needs of special attention!  We use both ridged and flex panel options for these applications to make sure you get the most power possible!


Equipment we know and trust on our own home!

We have "battle" tested many different brands of equipment on our own home, property and travel trailer applications!  This is the one we know and trust to power us for years to come!

We will install other equipment. However, you, as the owner, assume all responsibilities including contacting the manufacturer is you have issues.  Sun Solar will not be responsible for that equipment.



Our Preferred Choice!

Again, we have battle tested many types of batteries and we have made our official battery of choice...

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