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Colorado's #1 Off-Grid Solar Company

Off-grid power means to be completely independent from the power companies. You will produce, store and use every bit of solar powered energy for your home and personal use!

Solar Panels

How it works...

Our goal is to provide affordable solar powered packages based off of your project needs.

1. Call us, (719)725-7751, for a free quote over the phone.

2. Discuss and send you a specific quote for your project (good for 30 days).

3. Meet in person to go over your quote and finalize anything we may have missed.

4. When you're ready we will take your deposit, get your equipment ordered and give you an install timeline of (2-4 weeks).

5. Complete your install, collect your remaining balance and do a walkthrough of your project so you know how to maintain your own system and we are just here for support!

Solar Panels


1067 US-24 #324

Woodland Park, CO 80863


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